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Monthly Archives: February 2021

VIDEO: The Undeniable Truth About President Trump

After watching this video, I am sure of one thing – President Trump is truly loved by the American nation. This also leads me to once again, start thinking about the hoax of the last presidential elections! Biden never had (or will have) such devoted,

MUST Watch: Excuse Me, Dana, Cuomo WHO?

CNN’s famous reporter, Dana Bash just put herself in big trouble, setting herself up in an awkward media situation. CNN’s Dana Bash invited Jen Psaki, the “diamond in the eyes of Biden” on her show “State of the Union” to discuss a bit about Cuomo

President Trump: “We Won The Election Twice!”

Amen, Mr. President, amen! Did you catch this part from his speech today at CPAC? President Trump said very clearly and with no caveats or qualifications:  “WE WON THE ELECTION….TWICE!” Not “I think we won” or “we should have won” or “if you take away

MUST SEE: Trump Criticizes Biden !!! [VIDEO]

President Joe Biden “has had the most devastating first month of any president in modern history,” according to former President Donald Trump. According to extracts from his speech collected by The Epoch Times, “we all realized the Biden Administration was going to be terrible—but none

BREAKING: Pelosi Exposed – Here’s Who’s Covering for Her

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has meticulously staged the aftermath of the Capitol riots. She’s suggested a 9/11-style commission, chaired by a clearly partisan general, to investigate what happened. The decision came the same day she was told by high-ranking Republicans that she would have to answer