Man May Go To JAIL For Watching Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium!

Is Mike Lindell SO dangerous that simply watching his show could send you to prison?

It could for one man.

I know this seems utterly bizarre and anti-American and frankly downright unconstitutional, but here’s the story….

Doug Jansen is one of the alleged “insurrectionists” from Jan. 6.

You’ve probably seen this famous picture below before.

Long story short, as a part of his deal with prosecutors apparently he was told he could not access the Internet.

Crazy right?

Now we are limiting what people can and cannot even watch?

Almost like, oh I don’t know, state controlled propaganda?

State controlled group think?

Tell the people what they’re not even allowed to watch or listen to?

That’s the kind of stuff that happens in Communist China but now apparently it has come to the United States.


Take a look:

The Des Moines Register had more on the story, here is a portion:

Barely a month after a judge allowed Capitol riot suspect Doug Jensen out of jail, prosecutors are asking to send him back.

Jensen, 42, of Des Moines was arrested in the days following the Jan. 6 attack after he was seen on widely-shared video at the head of a group following a Capitol Police officer inside the building. After spending six months in a D.C. jail, he successfully petitioned the court in July to grant him pretrial release. His lawyer said he had renounced his previous belief in the QAnon conspiracy and promised he would abide by whatever terms the court set.

Prosecutors say both of those statements were false. In a motion filed Thursday, they say that, despite Jensen being ordered not to access the internet or have access to his family’s internet-connected devices, a pretrial services officer caught him in his garage streaming news from a right-wing site to a wifi-enabled iPhone, to which he had the password.

Can anyone tell me why it is SO important to these people that we can’t even see Mike Lindell’s information?

Is it because he’s right over the target?

Is it because the election was stolen and the only way to keep the truth from getting out it to start banning access to the Internet?

Do we now live in Communist China?

I know this much….Mike Lindell will CONTINUE to get my full support.

Please join me in continuing to support Mike Lindell for all he is doing!

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