WATCH President Trump: “Everything Woke Turns To S**T” Just Look At What’s Happening”

No truer words have EVER been said.

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President Trump is a complete legend, he has said perhaps my favorite thing he has ever said thus far: “EVERYTHING woke turns to complete s**t.”

This rally is incredible, and really speaks truth to power.

Just look at that crowd, I bet more people are going to tune into this than Biden’s state of the union address— if he ever gets to give one.

Keep on fighting the good fight against critical race theory and the woke mob:

The New York Post reported on NYC mothers coming together to fight woke critical race theory:

These moms are preparing for war.

Just in time for the start of the school year, a group of New York City parents has organized to help fight critical race theory and what they say is woke “indoctrination” happening at their kids’ schools.

There is no website or formal organization, but a word-of-mouth coalition has begun communicating over Signal, an encrypted messaging app. The coalition is keen to stay in the shadows — to protect their children from retaliation — and does not plan any bold demonstrations. But they are deadly serious.

“We want [school administrators] to be afraid and to know we’re not kidding,” said one mom, who gathers with like-minded parents at a sumptuous apartment on Park Avenue to commiserate and plot strategy over expensive red wine.

The core group has about a dozen members variously known as “Undercover Moms,” “The OG Parent Taskforce” and “The Cabinet.”

KXAN reports that a bill banning critical race theory in Texas has passed a committee hearing:

The bill that would expand the ban on teaching critical race theory concepts in Texas classrooms passed a Senate Committee on State Affairs hearing 5 to 2 on Tuesday.

It’s one of the governor’s priorities this special session, even though the bill itself does not contain the words critical, race or theory.

“The bill would prohibit teaching concepts that one race or sex is superior to another, that one race or sex should be held to blame for actions committed in the past by other members of that race or sex,” Republican State Senator Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola) said, defending the bill in Tuesday’s hearing.

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