EXCLUSIVE: Regulators Knew the Life-Threatening Side Effects of COVID-19 Jabs in October 2020

Blood clots.




Pregnancy issues.


Medicine regulators knew all of these potential side effects before the experimental COVID-19 jabs gained Emergency Use Authorization.

Here’s a snapshot of the side effects these regulators knew about.

These regulators do NOT care about anyone’s health.

They only care about the money in their pockets.

And control over the masses.

Earlier this evening, I reported on FDA Acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock set to give the Pfizer jab FDA full approval.

Woodcock is responsible for approving OxyContin and Fentanyl.

We know how that turned out.

Yet, our government grants Woodcock the authority to approve an injection with the above listed side effects.

In 2020, the FDA released a video of their regulatory team discussing the COVID-19 jabs.

When side effects came into the discussion, the presenter rushed through the slide in a flash.

Watch carefully at the 2 hour, 33 minute mark in this video:

The slide pictured above is shown on their screen for only a split second.

These regulators don’t care about safety or efficacy for the drugs they’re tasked to review.

It’s a corrupt operation that puts everyone’s health in danger.

The Daily Expose shared more details:

All of the clotting and coagulation.  All of the heart damage.  All of the female reproductive issues. All of the people suffering heart attacks and strokes and people sadly dying. All of it was predicted by the medicine regulators before the jabs were even rolled out.

Even the multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome in children was predicted and it is a brand new disease where children have symptoms resembling toxic shock syndrome or Kawasaki disease, in which the coronary arteries enlarge or form aneurysms. Also common are heart inflammation with impaired heart function and low blood pressure, rash or red eyes, and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Which is why we can be certain that vaccine enhanced disease also known as antibody-dependent enhancement is occurring and will occur, because the health regulators have predicted it will do so. This is precisely why Public Health England data shows that the double vaccinated have at least a 338% higher chance of death if infected with Covid-19.

The latest PHE report shows that up to the 15th August 2021 the fully vaccinated population had suffered a total of 679 deaths. This equates to 0.9% of all confirmed infections among the fully vaccinated population. Whereas the unvaccinated population had suffered just 390 deaths equating to just 0.2% of all confirmed infections.

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