Kim Clement: “They will even say he’s not speaking enough…” Here’s What It Means!

This article is only for people who follow prophecy.

Specially Kim Clement.

And who enjoy Trey Smith videos.

Is that you?

Awesome….read on!

So you’ve probably heard Kim Clement’s prophecies about Donald Trump from 2014 and even earlier.

They don’t specifically name Donald Trump, but they describe him perfectly to a “T”.

All except one part that never made sense to me.

There was one part that said “They will even say this man is not talking enough!”

That never seemed to describe Donald Trump…..until now.

Ever since the election he has gone very quiet.

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At the time when we expected he might be speaking loudly, he’s suddenly gone quiet.

And Trey Smith explains why and where this leaves us on the timeline of Kim Clement’s prophecy.

Spoiler alert….it’s REALLY good!

Please enjoy:

And in case YouTube deletes this like they did the last Trey Smith video, no worries….

I made a backup.

From Rumble:

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