Gen. Flynn Speaks Out On Kabul Terrorist Attack: “This Is The Consequence of the 2020 Election”

General Michael Flynn had a lot to say about the Kabul terrorist attack that has left 11 U.S. Marines dead and has also has taken a life of a Navy medic, along with 90 Afghan lives too.

In his interview, General Flynn blasted Centcom Commander General Kenneth F. McKenzie for going on the world stage and talking about all the equipment that has been lost to the Taliban instead of talking about the 12 U.S. service members lives that were lost and the other 15 brave soldiers that were wounded.

Flynn went on to say the the United States of America has all the resources they need to complete any kind of mission in Afghanistan without the losing American lives.

He then ended his interview by saying “this is the consequence of the 2020 election”.


At one point in his interview General Michael Flynn stated that the entire chain of command should resign today!

If you would like to watch, Flynn’s full interview you can watch it here:


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