Pelosi Ravaged For Tweeting About “Women’s Equality” as 12 US Service Members Are Confirmed Dead in Kabul

Today has been the deadliest day in the Afghanistan War since 2015.

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On this solemn day, I am sad to report that we’ve lost 12 US service members – 11 Marines and one member of the Navy, in a suicide bombing attack at the godforsaken Kabul Airport in Afghanistan.

That number could go higher, as 20 service members are injured, and 10 are in “critical” condition.

The nation is shocked and furious – and where’s Joe Biden?

Nobody knows.

The man who did this to our country is nowhere to be found, but we’re told he will be speaking at 5 PM today.

I hope he resigns.

Regardless, the attack happened about 6 hours ago, and he hasn’t said a word about it.

Has his VP Kamala said anything?

No. As of this publishing, not a word.

What about Nancy Pelosi?

Well, she’s been tweeting – but not about the deadly terror attack, she’s posting pictures of herself meeting with people to discuss helping the poor and videos of herself speaking about “women’s equality.”

Take a look:

Pelosi has said absolutely nothing about the terror attack, and this has not gone unnoticed.

Here’s what people are saying online:

“This is what you have to say a people, U.S. troops and civilians, are being killed?? Really??”

“This is what you have to say a people, U.S. troops and civilians, are being killed?? Really??’

“Anything else of note happening in the world, Nancy?”

“This is disgusting.” 

“Cold-hearted, callous drunken old shrew” 

“You are third in command and you are not acknowledging what is going on jn Afghanistan … THIS is the most important thing you should be worried about today”

We lost 12 marines today under @POTUS and the mess his administration has caused in Kabul and this is what you’re tweeting?! Wake up!!

“What about our brave Marines and the 12 young people we lost their lives due to the failure to handle the withdrawal in Afganistan properly?” 

“Nice to know that you’re completely ignoring the unmitigated disaster occurring in Kabul. Ten servicemembers killed and you couldn’t care less.”

“I’m a Democrat and this ain’t it right now, Nancy.” 

“This is unbelievable right now. SMH”

“Do you care about our troops at all?”

“Nothing about Kabul???”

“Wow!!! Ten marines so far and you tweet about this?!”


“Do you ever shut up? Do you have a zipper for your lips? No one cares Nancy. We have men dying in Afghanistan we don’t care what you think is important. Now since you decided to do the cowardly thing as usual and run back to California, stay there and don’t come back”

What’s likely happened here, is that these were “scheduled” tweets that are automatically posting.

But with that said, neither Pelosi nor her staff decided to turn those off or share a single tweet about the attacks, and as it stands now, it’s been over 6 hours since it happened.

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