Robin Bullock: Why You Should Still TRUST In Trump’s Return!

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They are trying to attack me on all fronts and shut me down.

THANK YOU so much to everyone who continues to support us.

We are going to keep fighting and I hope to bring you my Newsletter again very soon.

In the meantime, the best place to find me is Telegram.

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Ok, now on with the article.

Here is Robin Bullock tackling head on the topic of whether Trump is coming back.

Spoiler alert: he is!

But listen as he explains why you should not lose heart or lose hope.

Hang in there friends!

This is so encouraging.

And yes I know this is a clip from a few months ago, but it’s now more powerful than ever before and I wanted you to see it.

Watch here:

3 thoughts on “Robin Bullock: Why You Should Still TRUST In Trump’s Return!

  1. DJT will be vindicated because God says so! When the time is right all will be revealed! Yes and Amen!

  2. The United States of America is at the beginning of its end.

    There will be nothing for Trump to fix by 2024 at the rate Biden is self districting the country.

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