Startling New Photo of the Clintons Walking on The Beach Drops Jaws

It’s like a horror movie – two miserable-looking swamp monsters roaming the beaches !

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A picture of Bill and Hillary on the beach is making the rounds online because they’re looking exceptionally ghoulish.

The duo was spotted on a Hampton’s beach on vacation, looking like a couple of miserable blobs.

Daily Mail reported Bill just celebrated his 75th birthday but it looks like the party is well and truly over for him.

Seen in these exclusive pictures obtained by, the former president and wife Hillary, 73, looked more like glum and glummer than a couple enjoying the Hampton’s sunshine when they went for a stroll on the beach earlier on Tuesday.

And perhaps it’s little wonder. Because, while the Clintons have long since enjoyed an annual getaway to the Hamptons town of Amagansett, there is no escaping the past.

Needless to say, the photos caused a stir online.

The years of lies, hate, and God-knows-what-else have not been kind to Bill and Hillary, that’s for darn sure.

Take a look:

And as you can imagine, a lot of people had a lot of stuff to say about the photo:

“Why is Bill Clinton in the Hamptons with the Queen of England?”

“These obese people are at high risk of dying from covid”

“At least they’re trying to social distance LOL”

“Is that Bill? He looks worse than sleepy Joe!”

“She can’t have sun on her or she’ll turn into ash. Makes sense”

“Only cold blooded reptilian monster can survive in this heat while wearing pants and long sleeves.”

“Hillary giving serious Dr. Moreau vibes”

“They been social distancing since 1998”

“It’s always heartbreaking when a whale gets beached! Oops, sorry my bad – that’s HRC!” 

“That evil eats you up from the inside. Shows on the outside.”

“This is what a life of crime and lies will do to you!” 

“No surprise Bill has a young intern.”

“I’m guessing HC won’t run for president again.. or just run at all, ever.” 

“That’s a big old COVID risk factor strolling on the beach.”

“My only comfort is they are stuck with each other for the rest of their lives. Lol”

“Hurricane Henri really kicked up the garbage from the ocean floor.”

I have to agree, the best punishment for both of them is that they’re stuck with each other, because you know they’re absolutely miserable together.


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