Time To Boycott Delta Airlines?

So let me get this straight…..

The $200 will save them from getting Covid?

Delta Airlines will reportedly start charging employees $200 per month to keep their jobs if they don’t submit to being forcefully jabbed with experimental medication.

Delta claims that they’re doing this because each hospital visit for Covid costs the company $40,000, so they’re trying to incentivize employees in order to save the company money.

I say that’s evidence of a medical racket. The same industry trying to force people into taking experimental vaccines is the same industry which price gouges and raises the cost of medical treatment to unsustainable levels in America.

These gouged costs are the reason many employers cite for mandating vaccines on their employees, which in turn causes revenues for companies like Pfizer and Moderna to soar.

No hospital stay should cost $40,000, unless some delicate surgery is involved, and even then many would argue that is still too high.

We are Americans though, and we are still a free people. I will fight against Delta Airlines by voting against them with my dollar, I am boycotting Delta until they reverse these overbearing policies.

If you’re with me, get on Twitter and #Boycottdelta.

Here’s more on the story:

The Associated Press reports:

Delta Air Lines will charge employees on the company health plan $200 a month if they fail to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a policy the airline’s top executive says is necessary because the average hospital stay for the virus costs the airline $50,000.

CEO Ed Bastian said that all employees who have been hospitalized for the virus in recent weeks were not fully vaccinated.

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The airline said Wednesday that it also will stop extending pay protection to unvaccinated workers who contract COVID-19 on Sept. 30, and will require unvaccinated workers to be tested weekly beginning Sept. 12, although Delta will cover the cost. They will have to wear masks in all indoor company settings.

Politico noted:

Experts say that the decision to pressure workers to vaccinate by upping their health care costs — rather than requiring they get the vaccine — makes it easier for employers to rationalize the policy to employees who are reluctant to get a shot.

“The fact that they didn’t choose a mandate might speak more to their employee base’s sentiment about vaccination and possibly their customer sentiment,” said Laura Boudreau, an assistant professor of economics at Columbia Business School who studies working conditions.

“If you look at the policy itself, they’re basically trying to not employ a de jure mandate but a de facto one by making it difficult for employees to maintain a non-vaccinated statement. Some companies, like Delta, are reluctant to go so far as to mandate formally, but reading these memos, these are de facto mandates.”

It’s likely that additional employers will adopt a similar policy as an easily defensible, middle-of-the-road approach to getting their workforce vaccinated in the throes of the Delta variant, not to mention additional ones.

One thought on “Time To Boycott Delta Airlines?

  1. No employee has the right to force their employers to take an experimental jab also the employers do not need to be afraid to say no in the meanwhile they are also threatening by intimidation that the employers will loose their retirement that is not so as it is federal everyone should start standing up against the bullying walk off the job in numbers as they need the employers and start protesting against the tyranny of Delt Airlines

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