Grenell Lays Out His “Evidence” to Reveal The People He Says Are Running This Country

It only makes sense that Trump’s former spy chief would put the pieces together, right?

2 thoughts on “Grenell Lays Out His “Evidence” to Reveal The People He Says Are Running This Country

  1. I believe that all the old cabinet from the Obama days all have a part in this, but I would have to say the major puppet master is Obama. He admitted last year on a podcast that he “wouldn’t mind doing a third term behind the scenes”.

  2. On two occasions since the July 2 withdrawl Hillary Clinton’s name. The first instance was a report that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau was in contact with Clinton about the withdrawal. The second was Rep. Debbie Dingle mentioning Clinton when discussing evacuation efforts on Newsmax. After mentioning Clinto she specifically said ‘she (Clinton) would probably not like that she mentioned her. Everyone knows the Bengazi failures of the Obama administration and here we have Rice and Clinton involved in this horrendous Afghanistan fiasco that was by all appearances intentional. Don’t be surprised if there is a live streamed mass execution of those left behind on the anniversary of 9/11. Probably from our abandoned embassy. He’ll won’t be hot enough for the members of the Biden administration.

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