Johnny Enlow: 777 and the 7.7 Earthquake In Antarctica!

This is really interesting!

Johnny Enlow went on Elijah Streams yesterday and talked about some of the prophetic words he had given several months ago.

One was very specific….that there would be a 7.7 magnitude Earthquake in Antarctica….and here was the twist: it would be in Antarctica even though the news would try to report it differently in a neighboring area.

Well guess what?

That just happened EXACTLY like he said it would.

And here’s the even better thing: when he originally gave that word, he said this 7.7 would be the sign that justice was soon following.

I thought it was so interesting that Enlow even admitted he was beginning to wonder if he missed it when he gave that word and then BOOM….it happened.

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He talks all about that and several other “777” signs happening right now in this short clip below.


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