Flashback: Biden Claims “There’s Nothing Special About Being American.”

Joe Biden is crazy

In 2014, Biden had a speech at Harvard University. He used the opportunity to say that there is “nothing special about being an American.” Crazy Joe also said one cannot define “what an American is.”

“America’s strength ultimately lies in its people.  There’s nothing special about being American – none of you can define for me what an American is.  Can’t define it based on religion, ethnicity, race, culture.  The uniqueness of America is that we are a group of people who agreed on – whether we say it, whether we’re well-educated or not, whether we say it in terms of basic agreements but we really do believe without saying it, ‘We the People.’  ‘All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator.’  Sounds corny.  But that’s who we are.  That’s the essential strength and vibrancy of this country.”

The US President was speaking at Harvard University for the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum. According to the school’s description, Biden “spoke of the importance of America’s international role, discussing conflicts in the Middle East, Russia, and Asia. He also emphasized the need for a stronger American economy and greater trade.”

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