Watch: COVID-19 Fugitive Arrested; Family Says He Went Into Hiding Because He Thought Police Would ‘Harass’ Him

A Covid-positive businessman accused of being ‘public health enemy number one’ allegedly went into hiding because he was scared police would ‘harass’ him in isolation, his family claim.


Anthony Karam, 27, was arrested by officers dressed in full PPE and carrying battering rams at his younger brother’s unit in Wentworth Park, in Sydney’s west, about 5.30 pm on Thursday.

It came a week after authorities took the extraordinary step of naming the alleged Covid fugitive, accusing him of him of failing to isolate, breaching health orders and putting the public at risk.

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The video shows side by side Karam’s arrest with China taking away people last year.

The clip closes with Karam speaking to the press, as he says “I have proof I’ve been isolating the whole time, mate.”

A family source told Daily Mail Australia that the trucking businessman and his parents had caught Covid after one of his brothers was infected at work.

Karam tested positive on August 14, thirteen days ago. However, the source claimed Karam put down his parent’s address when he presented for testing at a NSW Health clinic.

He was allegedly concerned police would ‘harass’ him.

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‘When symptoms began to show, Anthony got tested, but put his parents’ address on his Covid test because he was witnessing how much harassment comes from authorities for having Covid,’ the source claimed.

‘They arrive at any time of the day and without warning, bang on the door as hard as they can.’

Officers have previously alleged that Karam gave authorities an incorrect address. NSW Police regularly check up on Covid patients and close contacts to ensure they are isolating.

The family source claimed: ‘Anthony was giving an ultimatum saying that he can either go into hotel quarantine (for weeks) or they would throw the book at him.

‘He tried to negotiate but they were firm with their options.’

Police repeatedly failed to find Karam after his positive test almost a fortnight ago and last Friday pleaded for the public’s help finding him.

Source: ResisttheMainstream


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