Another Day, Another Greek Letter Meant To Scare You Into Handing Over Your Life

The World Health Organization is public enemy #1 as far as I’m concerned.

Trying to quickly spit out another greek letter every time a new strain of the common cold was ‘discovered’ would be tiresome and ridiculous.

Yet this is what these ‘scientists’ and bureaucrats at The W.H.O. are doing.

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According to the latest reports, they are now investigating the “Mu” strain.

What happened to the Delta strain? They couldn’t conjure up enough fear from that so they just ‘discovered’ and are now ‘investigating’ another one?

Give me a break.

Here is their latest push to scare you into handing over you life and hard earned money to medical tyrants:

The W.H.O. concern over the new variant was noted by Fox News:

Preliminary data indicated that it may evade vaccines in a way similar to the Beta variant, but experts said more research on the strain is necessary.

Since first emerging in Colombia in January 2021, the Mu variant has popped up in at least 39 countries.

“Although the global prevalence of the Mu variant among sequenced cases has declined and is currently below 0.1%, the prevalence in Colombia (39%) and Ecuador (13%) has consistently increased.” 

Fauci says the new variant isn’t a concern in The U.S., as reported by CNBC:

The new Covid-19 variant “mu” is not an immediate threat to the United States, federal health officials said Thursday.

“We’re paying attention to it, we take everything like that seriously, but we don’t consider it an immediate threat right now,” White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said at a press briefing.

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