Australia Truckie Protest Update – Road Closures Across the Country & Entrances to Sydney Blocked

Australian truckies decided enough is enough of the fascist takeover in their country.

Around two weeks ago, several truckies issued a warning to Aussies.

They told citizens to stock up and prepare for the country to shut down.

Truckies were organizing a nationwide protest set to begin on August 31st.

It appears they’ve kept their word and blockades are popping up across Australia.

Expect a full mainstream media and social media blackout for coverage about this.

They don’t want you to know about the truckie uprising.

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From Sydney:

Looking at road closures is the best way to decipher what’s going down in Australia.

A quick look at RACQ Road Conditions shows tons of road closures around Melbourne & Brisbane.

Pay attention to the border of Queensland-New South Wales.

Road closures all along the state border.

Entrances to Sydney completely blocked off.

The truckies have vowed to continue their blockade until the fascist takeover of Australia ends.

We’ll see in the coming days and weeks if this effort helps set Aussies free.


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