“We Caught Them”: 240 Democrat “Ballot Traffickers” Caught Dumping Thousands of Ballots in Georgia

“All hell is about to break loose.”

This is what’s being said by the boots on the ground in Georgia.

Appearing to on War Room this morning, John Fredericks had some major breaking news.

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Fredericks claims that Georgia state officials now have video evidence of 240 Democrat “ballot traffickers” dumping ballots into drop boxes across the state.

How many ballots?

Apparently it was tens of thousands.

Don’t forget that Biden supposedly “won” Georgia by 11,000 votes.

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While the video hasn’t been made public, there is more breaking news that appears to validate Fredericks’ claims.

The Georgia Secretary of State has just now filed a FOIA request.

He is finally looking into election fraud in Georgia.

Specifically, he wants communications between the DOJ and different groups such as Stacy Abrams, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Campaign Legal Center, and more.


To see what Fredericks has to say about this video, you can watch War Room on Rumble:

Our motto remains: trust, but verify.

We trust that Fredericks is telling the truth.

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But we want to see this video for ourselves.

As long as there are still people with integrity in the Georgia government, we hope that justice is served thanks to this video.

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