Remember These Fences? Pelosi’s Bringing Them Back—Coincidence?

Pay attention to what they’re trying to do…..

Pelosi reportedly hinted that the Capitol fence will be back up soon in reaction to news of an upcoming rally for January 6th political prisoners.

This is the same woman who wanted to mount machine guns at the Capitol…..

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Medical tyranny proposed by Joe Biden, and now a renewed call for fences in Washington D.C. pretty much sum up The Democratic Party.

Could it be that the announcement of mass vaccine mandates and the fences coming back up are connected? The timing certainly seems to be more than coincidence.

Many are already decrying the obvious posturing by Pelosi and Biden’s regime:

Details were provided by The Associated Press:

Though no specific measures have been announced, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hinted during her weekly press conference Wednesday at extra safety precautions for the Sept. 18 rally by saying: “We intend to have the integrity of the Capitol be intact.” Briefings for lawmakers, including congressional leaders, are expected in coming days.

A security plan that is being finalized calls for a fenced perimeter on the streets immediately surrounding the Capitol building and the Supreme Court, though not around the congressional office buildings nearby, said the person, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity ahead of an official announcement.


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Politico reports:

Matthew Braynard, a former Trump campaign official and organizer of the event, has dismissed the possibility of violence at the rally, but law enforcement officials are on high alert after the Capitol was breached on Jan. 6. Dozens of officers were injured when the pro-Trump mob stormed the complex, one officer died in the days after the attack and others died by suicide in the aftermath.

Since then, Congress has taken steps to improve its security. Both the House and Senate passed legislation at the end of July aiming to plug many of the security gaps exposed by the attack.

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