DISTURBING VIDEO: Australian COVID Camp Police Threatens To Kill COVID-19 Prisoner With Gas, Instead Of Releasing Him!

Vaccine concentration camps exist.

Australia is pretty serious about this, and no, you don’t want to be part of anything like this. One particular video is making rounds on the internet. Australian COVID-19 camp police wants to gas one occupant who was quarantined for 14 days. The person was set to be released.

Australian officials won’t release their “prisoners” after two weeks of forced quarantine. They even threaten to use tear gas on these people. Typical violation of human rights, right?

Human rights organizations can’t and won’t do anything to stop this. These people will deal with serious mental health issues in the future. In this video, we can hear them say, ‘you can’t get air’, ‘take me somewhere where the walls aren’t caving in’. Yes, these people need professional help.

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Testing positive is treated as a crime. The government puts people into these camps. Most of their “prisoners” have zero symptoms.

Governments are killing people and it will only get worse. They are really powerful and citizens can’t stop the genocide. Is this some sort of an experiment or what?

Remember when the Australian health authorities said that the virus will thrive among us forever?

Dr. Chant has something to say about the whole gassing thing.

Watch the video here.

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