Did COVID Vaxx Actually Create The “Delta Variant”? Doctor Has All The Evidence!

I have been saying this for several weeks now….

Of course, I’m not a doctor.

I don’t pretend to be one.

But I do have common sense, and I can see that if the vaccine were to work as advertised, the new infections would have to be going down, at least a little bit.

Instead, all we see is the so-called “Delta variant” is surging.

And the Delta variant surge is seeming to coincide exactly with the rise of the vaxx.



Just correlation?

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Now it’s not just me saying it, now it’s the highly respected Dr. Richard Fleming exposing the COVID vaxx origins of the delta variant.

Watch here:

Fleming gives a lot more information on his website.

Here is just one page that really breaks it down in such an easy to understand way.

From FlemingMethod.com:

With the waning success of the Drug Vaccine Biologics and the Pressure Selection of Delta and other variants, the World braces as the unvaccinated are blamed for the failure of the Mass Vaccination program.

A critical look at the published data reveals a quite different picture. When you keep hearing trust the science, maybe it’s time we do, and here is what the SCIENCE shows us.

(1) The Emergency Use Authorization Documents filed with the FDA for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen, has a considerable amount of useful data that isn’t being discussed. The following four slides, discussed during EVENT 2021, look at what the actual EUA documents show us.

When you read through the Pfizer EUA documents, you will not only see the Vaccine Efficacy Data but you will see something much more important. You will find the number of people who were later diagnosed with COVID and those who died. There was no statistically significant difference in the number of people who died who were un-vaccinated compared with those who received the vaccines.

In fact the EUA documents for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen specifically stated that ALL deaths matched those expected and seen in the general population.

You can see much more from Dr. Flemings website here.


One thought on “Did COVID Vaxx Actually Create The “Delta Variant”? Doctor Has All The Evidence!

  1. I believe Dr. Richard M. Fleming is a charlatan. I detail below why I say that.

    I came across Dr. Fleming’s real CV online. He presented the 46 page monstrosity to Federal court on 9/11/09 as part of his legal flailing after his felony convictions (for health care fraud and mail fraud). In it, he answers many of the questions he would not directly address in online discussions, namely:

    He has undergraduate degrees from Northern Iowa in General Science, Biology, Psychology, and a minor in Chemistry. Graduated in 1980. He did one year graduate studies in Psychology under his mentor Dr. Gordon Harrington. He graduated from medical school in 1986 and then tried a cardiology fellowship 1989-92 (seems like he never finished and unsuccessfully sued University of Texas over that). Most of this is roughly consistent with the story he’s spun.

    However, in the CV there is no mention of a PhD in Physics; instead there is a *high school physics competition* in 1973-4, which seems to be the basis of his misrepresenting himself as a PhD in most of his recent research papers, YouTube videos, and eBooks. His Amazon bio also claims degrees in Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, however his own CV confirms he does not have a degree in Physics, nor in Chemistry.

    The real CV also clarifies that the Fleming Heart Health Institute (1999-2004) and the Camelot Foundation (2000-2005) are no longer operating. He has been misrepresenting his institutional affiliation in his research papers and more recently on the US clinical trial website; misrepresenting one’s credentials and institutional affiliation is generally considered research misconduct.

    I have posted a modestly redacted version of the CV on Google Drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bDa4x9MKWRDQ5XRcce52qCZVjOVHDBWK/view?usp=sharing (if it works)

    After this CV was prepared he did graduate from an online *unaccredited* law school: Concord; which I confirmed with the school via email. Concord was later acquired by Purdue University, and subsequently became (only) state-accredited in California. However, as the school was unaccredited when he received his JD, it is a stretch for him to use it as a credential, and to my knowledge he’s never sat for a state bar exam. This means when he or others say that he’s an attorney, this is incorrect, and seems to be another example of him misrepresenting his credentials.

    Additional concerns: His felony conviction included one clinical “study” that he pled guilty to falsifying (https://archives.fbi.gov/archives/omaha/press-releases/2009/om082009.htm ). Another “study” he performed on diets was retracted (https://retractionwatch.com/2018/11/13/a-convicted-felon-writes-a-paper-on-hotly-debated-diets-what-could-go-wrong/ ). The paper on his latest “study” of COVID treatments was rejected by a reputable publisher (European Journal of Medical Research) as it was transparently fabricated, and then self-published in a “predatory” journal. This paper and others have been widely panned on PubPeer (https://pubpeer.com/search?q=authors%3A%22richard+m.+fleming%22 ). That COVID study is also discussed here: https://retractionwatch.com/2020/05/29/a-convicted-felon-wants-people-to-enroll-in-a-covid-19-clinical-trial-what-could-go-wrong/ . He lost his license to practice medicine after his felony conviction (https://medicalboard.iowa.gov/sites/default/files/documents/2017/11/appeals_court_upholds_license_suspension_of_physician.pdf) and although in online videos he has claimed to have treated COVID patients, this does not seem likely, or if true, may even be illegal.

    I have never heard his explanation about why a former cardiologist can turn into an expert on virology or epidemiology. He originally studied internal medicine, then dropped out of his University of Texas cardiology fellowship (where they rated his clinical competence as “unsatisfactory”) , then appears to have practiced cardiology for a bit. Since the early 2000s, he’s tried selling books on cardiac health and fad diets, he’s dabbled in breast cancer “research,” ran a couple of apparently fraudulent clinical trials, and now he’s portraying himself as an expert on viruses… because why not? Maybe he can sell more books.

    In my opinion, this man is simply not credible.

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