Former Navy Seal Rob O’Neill, famed for his killing of Osama bin Laden, told Fox News Primetime on Thursday about the Taliban saying, “They’re going house to house and if they find you worked for the Americans as a translator or even a driver or a secretary, you are lucky if they just kill you.” He claimed saying, “What they’re generally doing right now, even though we are not seeing it because we are only seeing what they let us see, is they’re torturing families in front of them before they cut their heads off.”

O’Neill also said, “It’s a horrible thing. Barbaric stuff going on. U.S. Special Forces are highly motivated to go into Afghanistan to rescue American citizens and Afghan allies but are being ‘hamstrung by rules of engagement.’” Amid all the chaos in Afghanistan, many private citizens have volunteered to help Americans escape from the country, and there are reports this is happening.

O’Neill also argued that the long-term effect of the Afghanistan withdrawal will be a loss of trust by American allies, especially in Afghanistan.

O’Neill also claimed, “It’s going to be hard when we need to go back in there to get any translators or human intelligence on the ground simply because no one trusts us anymore.”

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“If I was an Afghan, I certainly wouldn’t work for the United States right now. Especially now that they have 7,000 devices that they can see who we took retina scans of and fingerprints.”

O’Neill concluded by saying to Afghan war veterans, “What you did was not in vain. At the end of the day, you fought for your brothers and sisters and did a great job.”

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