WATCH: The Best Response For Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Speech

According to the people online, this woman gave the best speech contrary to Biden’s EO regarding the vaccine mandates.

And her patience with Mr. Biden is obviously on a very, VERY thin line. And it is the most normal reaction, having in mind that Biden has ruined every single thing he touched. But it is very idiotic, in this world where most of us are highly educated university people, to still try to preach that the reason the vaccinated are getting sick, is because of the unvaccinated?!

Read that again. Out loud.

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And then, listen to this angry woman slamming Biden in her Tik Tok speech:

Joe Biden has offended us, Americans, in so many ways, I can’t even start the list… And he’s still continuing with his nonsense, saying he’s the one that’s “wearing thin” with his patience?!

Oh he, NO. Prudent, nasty old prick!

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