Yet Another Trump Tease On Upcoming Presidential Elections

And, as he says, ‘I Think You’ll Be Very Happy’!

There are so many teases, revelations, and direct straight-up forward answers regarding the upcoming 2024 Presidential elections and President Trump’s place in them.

In the latest interview with Fox News host, Greg Gutfeld, President Trump revealed many interesting opinions about the future of [politics in America, his personal opinions, and his place in the future running of our country.

“I love our country,” he said. “I think you’ll be very happy. I would say two, three years ago you might not have been that happy but now I think you’d be happy… I’ll make a decision in the not-so-distant future.”

Trump went on to claim that the polls agree with him since some ratings hit 98% approval for the Republican Party, which makes the former president “feel appreciated.” He then blasted the leftwing media for protecting the “incompetent” Joe Biden administration and for staying silent on the developing disaster in Afghanistan.

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“I watch the evening news and they talk about everything they can but they don’t like to talk about Afghanistan,” Trump said. “[CNN is] torn because if they cover it, they’ll get higher ratings but they don’t want to cover it because it’s bad for the radical left Democrats. And they’re doing that to protect some of the most incompetent people in the history of politics.”

Trump later shifted back to attacking Biden and his mental fitness, calling his lack of it a national security threat.

“It’s so sad for our country,” he said. “I got to know Putin and President Xi of China and Kim Jong Un and all of them very well. They’re at the top of their game. When they see the scene at the meetings that they’ve had where [Biden’s] wife, who’s lovely, is screaming, ‘come here, Joe…’ When they see that, I can’t imagine they’re inspired.”

We need him now more than ever!

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