WATCH: Sen. Risch Grills Blinken on Who’s in Charge of Joe…and His Response Will Have You Rolling Your Eyes

You’ve probably seen Joe Biden stumbling his way through a speech or trying to answer questions if you have eyes and ears and watch TV or videos online.

You’ve undoubtedly also seen and heard Joe say things like “telling” him who to call on and “advising” him on when he can leave the podium, etc.

He does it frequently – in fact, practically every time he takes the press’s “pre-screened” softball questions.

But there’s another thing that happens all the time: when Joe Biden is desperately attempting to host one of his little webinars where he stammers and tries to talk about topics like wildfires and vaccines, and when things start to look very “poor” for Joe in terms of speaking, or if he stutters.

As a result, the constant challenges that keep cropping up have people wondering who is in charge of Joe Biden.

Is there a “switch” that can be pressed to turn off Joe Biden’s feed? Doesn’t it appear that way?

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Senator Risch posed the same question to Antony Blinken, who gave a startling response.

“Jim Risch: “Who in the White House has the authority to “press the button” and take President Biden’s microphone away?” “There is no such person,” says Blinken. The president, once again, speaks for himself.”

The following is a link to a video:

These folks truly believe that you and I, as well as the rest of America, are stupid.

They’re such masters of propaganda that they’re starting to believe their own nonsense.

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It’s not real if they disregard it. If they say the exact opposite, it’s true.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are sitting here, feeling as though we’re in the Twilight Zone, watching this strange reality unfold.

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