The Swamp Acts Against the Disastrous Biden Government, Realizing That if They Don’t Halt the Craziness, the Entire Country Will Burn Down

The topic of today’s article and podcast is a theory that the deep state swamp is turning against the Biden administration (and its traitorous operators like Gen. Milley) because they realize that if they don’t stop the destruction, they will lose all of their power, salaries, benefits, and kickbacks as the US empire crumbles.

People deep within the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, and even the FBI are now realizing that the Biden administration is actually working for communist China, and that the CCP’s ultimate purpose is to destroy the United States of America (along with the CCP-ordered executions of all the former high-level officials in the US government).

That would destabilize the US deep state’s whole power structure, leaving all of its existing participants with no clout, money, or power… nothing. They would be among the first to be targeted and killed by the communist Chinese after they take control of the United States through military takeover.

The swamp appears to be battling for its own survival, much like parasitic ticks taking blood from a dog do not want the dog to die. Even parasites eventually recognize that they must stay alive in order to survive, or they will all die.

Nancy Pelosi’s name is very certainly on the same list, as she has been exposed as a co-conspirator in Milley’s traitorous scheme to destroy Trump and follow communist China’s orders.

If the United States is unable to project global strength, the US dollar will lose its standing as a worldwide reserve currency.
I’m not suggesting that the freshly red-pilled swamp creatures are “good” men; rather, their own survival now depends on them preventing the United States of America from being entirely swallowed by a foreign enemy.

The swamp’s very existence is dependent on the fiat currency dollar continuing to function, and the money printing machine can’t work until the US government remains and is able to project authority around the world.

Anyone paying attention saw Biden’s poor management of Afghanistan’s collapse as proof that with Biden at the helm, receiving orders from Obama and China, America’s petrodollar domination will soon come to an end.

The miraculous money printing machine grinds to a halt, and the gravy train comes to an abrupt halt.

There will be no more free money for politicians. There will be no more kickbacks, bribery, or money laundering to weapons makers that have profited from war for centuries.

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As a result, I believe a scheme is underway right now to depose Biden and root out the Pentagon’s greatest traitors who are plotting to destabilize America.

A critical juncture has been reached.

This isn’t to imply that these forces want Trump to return to power, but Trump has ensured that the Pentagon is well-funded, funneling billions to the ranks of military contractors, weapons makers, and “consultants” who profit from the process.

Inside the Pentagon, realistic people prefer Trump to Biden right now because Trump makes the military look strong and well-funded, while Biden makes everyone look like impotent fools. All of the military’s left-wing nonsense isn’t helping either.

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Do not be surprised if the military takes action against the criminal Biden administration in the coming months. If key Pentagon officials are court-martialed, don’t be surprised. Now that the Biden players’ incompetence and treasonous activities have put the United States’ very existence in jeopardy, the money-grubbing deep stateers who rely on the debt-based gravy train will shatter whatever skulls they need to.

You could think of it as a civil war within the Pentagon, with some members of the armed forces who were previously opposed to Trump now understanding that Biden is an existential threat to their very life. Biden threatens to burn down the entire system from inside, notwithstanding Trump’s “mean” tweets. And it can’t happen, or else everyone loses.

What they don’t realize is how rapidly the never-ending money printing will break the system in the first place. With the dollar’s utter collapse looming, the Fed’s money printing program is quickly coming to an end, which means the gravy train will be slamming shut for good.

The end of America as we know it is approaching, and even the swamp will not be spared. Then again, neither will the United States of America.

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