REPORT: New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy to Impose State-Wide COVID-19 Jab Mandate If Re-Elected

Anyone from New Jersey reading this?

Take note of the latest exclusive from Project Veritas.

Their investigative team made a shocking discovery about Governor Murphy’s re-election campaign.

Exclusive footage shows Murphy’s Campaign Senior Advisor admitting his plan of action for COVID-19 jab mandates.

Watch below:

“My rights, my s**t.”

You’re absolutely right!

Those are the rights of the people and Governor Murphy wants to stomp all over them.

Governor Murphy wants to hide his real stance on COVID-19 jab mandates until he wins re-election.

He wants to deceive undecideds and independents to sway more votes into his favor.

Because he knows the pushback on the critical issue of medical freedom would be relentless and make the election much closer.

That’s why his campaign team must lie to prospective New Jersey voters about COVID-19 jab mandates.

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They’re afraid of losing power or their constituents fighting back like in New York.

Project Veritas confronted Wendy Martinez, Murphy’s Campaign Senior Adviser, about the governor imposing state-wide mandates after the election.

Is this the future New Jersey voters want?

State-wide medical mandates.


What else is the Murphy Campaign hiding from New Jersey voters?

Stay tuned for more coverage!

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