Is Biden’s Voice Being Automated?

In the early stages of Biden’s campaign he would where an earpiece and his staff would tell him what to say and do, but it appears now his handlers have even taken a further step.

In Biden’s latest press conference his voice sounded extreme strange as if it wasn’t even him speaking but rather an automated voice.

As he continued to “talk” he let out a big cough and followed it up by smaller coughs.

Just take a look:

His voice sounded like a combination between Rocky Balboa and a robot combined!

It’s not insane to think that his voice is being automated considering just a couple months ago he did this:

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Here’s what users on Twitter had to say about Biden’s voice:

Even late night television Host Jimmy Fallon took a jab at Biden:

In all honest Biden could just be sick with the common cold but I would put it past his admin to alter his voice.

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