Barry Wunsch: John Roberts Will Be Exposed, His “Little Black Book” Made Public!

Barry Wunsch is one of my favorite guests on Elijah Streams.

The real deal, no hype just strong prophetic words.

This latest one was pretty incredible.

It was all about Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts and it’s very powerful and NOT good for John Roberts.

BREAKING: Telegram Suspended John Durham!

There does not appear to be any more time for repentance or changing his ways, Roberts is finished according to Wunsch.

But what I found really incredible is Wunsch is from Canada and when he received the prophetic word from the LORD he said he had to Google John Roberts to find out who he was!

So there you go!

Watch the full message right here:

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And if you’re wondering why Roberts has a black eye, well read this….

All the details here:

BREAKING: Telegram Suspended John Durham!

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