Biden Says He’s “Willing To Lose His Presidency”

President Trump had a withdrawal plan for Afghanistan that Biden completely threw away.

All Biden had to do was nothing- thanks to President Trump.

Instead, the Biden administration chaotically botched the Afghanistan withdrawal.

13 U.S. service members lost their lives to Biden’s reckless decision.

Initially, Biden promised to leave no American behind.

Time has proved that to be yet another lie from Biden.

The Biden Administration also told us 100-200 Americans were stranded in Afghanistan as of August.

According to the State Department’s newest press release, America has directly assisted 479 American citizens and 450 lawful permanent residents to depart Afghanistan since August.

As any good sociopath would do, Biden still stands by his Afghanistan withdrawal.

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In an interview Monday with CBS News Correspondent Rita Braver, Biden said he’s “willing to lose” his presidency over sticking with his botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

He furthers his support of the withdrawal by stating that the U.S. lives lost were inevitable.

Biden stumbled his way through another lie by claiming no one advised him how to withdraw the troops safely.

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Did you catch when he said he was against the war in Afghanistan from the very beginning?

A huge lie!

Here’s the truth…👇

The following statement from Biden indeed calls into question his mental status:

Everybody says, ‘you could’ve gotten out without anybody being hurt.’ No ones come up with a way to indicate to me how that happens.

How can one so casually dismiss lives lost?

Is Biden senile or evil?

You can watch the full clip on Rumble below:

BREAKING: Telegram Suspended John Durham!

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