Update On Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Election Fraud Case

We have a breaking update from Mike Lindell on his Supreme Court election fraud case!

No, he hasn’t given up on it.

Not at all.

He continues to push it forward against all odds, and I am giving him all the support I can.

God bless you Mike Lindell!

Here it is, courtesy of the Graham Ledger show.

BREAKING: Telegram Suspended John Durham!

Watch here on Rumble:

And watch the FULL report from Graham Ledger here on Rumble:

Uncle: Mitt Romney.

That’s reason enough for me to distrust her.

But beyond that, she has always seemed to support Trump with her words and then find a way to stab him in the back when it matters.

And now Mike Lindell is making no bones about the fact that she has been working overtime to kill his Supreme Court Case.

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Take a look, from Wendy Rogers:

Watch this in his own words:

One thought on “Update On Mike Lindell’s Supreme Court Election Fraud Case

  1. Thank you Wendy Rogers and Mike Lindell for everything you are doing because of your continual work about the elections of 2020 was stolen and can’t guve you ant funds but your always in my thoughts and prayers and The Lord Jesus Christ is still on the throne remember we wrestle with spiritual wickedness in high places and thank you for your persistence GOD BLESS

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