FLASHPOINT LIVE: Wallnau, Kunneman, Lindell — “It’s Unraveling!”

This was an AWESOME episode of FlashPoint Live!

We had the normal cast of characters, Lance WallnauHank KunnemanMario Murillo and then Mike Lindell called in!

Mike gave an update on his Supreme Court lawsuit which is a low farther along than most people think.

And he needs your help too (more on that below).

First, please watch this awesome 15 minute video.


Mike could really use your help!

It’s free and it’s easy and it’s fast….can we count on you?

Look folks, it wasn’t just “voter” fraud….

It was “election” fraud.

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The former refers to just one lone wolf, someone who went rogue and tried to commit fraud on their own.

The latter refers to a system organized to defraud the entire election.

That’s what Mike Lindell says happened in 2020 and it’s what so many of us know as well in our hearts.

Mike is doing everything he can to hold those who did it responsible and to reset the stolen election.

But he needs our help.

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