America’s Frontline Doctors File Brief In Supreme Court

America’s Frontline Doctors has been hard at work combatting Biden’s tyrannical mandate.

According to the latest reports, the group has recently filed an amicus brief in the ongoing SCOTUS hearing to decide the validity of Biden’s vaccine mandate.

One of the main points the brief touches on is that these shots do not prevent the spread of the virus, and because of this they cannot be rightly called vaccines.

Therapeutics is more of the word, but vaccine just doesn’t even come close to describing what is going on here.

Hopefully SCOTUS makes the right decision because as I have stated before: even if they rule in favor of the mandate there is simply going to be civil unrest.

People who are invested in fighting this would rather overturn the legitimacy of SCOTUS than comply with them, and with Communists like Sotomayor on the bench they have every right.

Here’s more on the story:

The Gateway Pundit highlights parts of the brief:

It is the consensus of the medical community that the currently available Covid-19 vaccine injections do not prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Relevant federal agencies have repeatedly acknowledged this consensus.

Therefore, there is no scientific or legal justification for OSHA to segregate injected and un-injected people.

Indeed, since the Covid-19 injections do not confer immunity upon the recipients, but are claimed to merely reduce the symptoms of the disease, they do not fall within the long-established definition of a vaccine at all. They are instead treatments and must be analyzed as such under the law.

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Washington Times seemed to share the conviction of America’s Frontline Doctors:

Last May, no doubt anticipating the emerging clarity that what they were selling were not vaccines, the CDC changed its definition of what a vaccine is to emphasize the stimulation of immune response rather than immunity.

A “vaccine” is commonly understood to be a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease. Vaccines prevent one from becoming infected with a disease and prevent the transmission of the disease to others.

I mention all of this only because the recent surge in omicron infections suggests that almost every individual who has received one of the “vaccines” and/or boosters for COVID-19 has the potential of both becoming infected with COVID-19 and, presumably, becoming transmission vectors for the virus.

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