BREAKING: Dr. Malone Warns “Ebola-Like Hemorrhagic Fever Virus” Already Sweeping Through China!

I said it over and over again during this Planned-Demic….

I said this was not the virus to be scared of.

This was the dry run.

I said once they worked out the kinks and saw what worked and what didn’t, they’d roll something much more deadly out behind it.

I’m very sad to report it looks like I was right.

Another comment I made frequently was that if “Ebola” was sweeping through town, no one would need to be forced to wear a mask or quarantine.

Sadly, that comparison may have been too on the nose, because new reports are the an “Ebola-like” virus is currently ripping through China as we speak.

Yes folks, China again.

Just running the same playbook, version 2.0.

Dr. Robert Malone sounded the alarm on Steve Bannon’s War Room:

Dr. Malone: “They are using language that this is a hemorrhagic fever virus. If that’s the case then it would be very odd that this would be something caused by the Coronavirus. That terminology is usually used for viruses in the family of Ebola. So this is something that many people have feared is the development of a rapidly spreading Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus. But we have not knowledge of whether that is going on here or not.”

See more here on Rumble:

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Oh and what do you know?

It originated in bats!

These people really have zero creativity:

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