BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested AGAIN in SWAT-Style Highway Takedown (VIDEO)

Canada’s Nazi Gestapo arrested Pastor Artur Pawlowski again for the “crime” of speaking his opinion like a free citizen.

The Canadian government’s vicious assault on Pawlowski continued on New Year’s Day as Alberta law enforcement ambushed him on the highway.

Like a gang of thugs, Alberta Police arrested Pawlowski and his brother in the freezing snow.

Watch the footage below:

Here’s the full video:

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Rebel News provided details behind Pawlowski’s latest arrest:

Pastor Artur Pawlowski and his brother David were arrested again, just moments ago — the government just won’t leave them alone.

It’s becoming an international disgrace.

How ironic — just a few hours ago I wrote to you telling you that Pastor Artur Pawlowski was the 2021 “newsmaker of the year” for the persecution he suffered.

Well, 2022 isn’t even a day old, and Pastor Artur is back in the news again.

Not by his own choosing — but by the choosing of the abusive, intolerant, anti-Christian, punitive government of Alberta. They’re furious with Pastor Artur.

As you know, he scored a major court victory against them where the draconian sentence against him was suspended.

The government had asked that he be banned from travelling (to stop him from giving speeches) and that he be forced to read out government propaganda at the end of every sermon, media interview or Facebook post where he disagreed with the government’s views on the lockdowns.

None of that has anything to do with public health. All of it is a political punishment for a political prisoner.

Pastor Artur had that abusive sentence “stayed” in an emergency court hearing. And it looks like the government exacted their revenge for that on him today.

Pawlowski has been arrested for holding church services, punished for speaking his opinion, and prevented from traveling by the government.

As he stated in the video, it’s no longer Canada.

The country’s appropriate name is “Chinada”

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