NYC Mayor Eric Adams Backs New Law Giving NON CITIZENS Voting Rights in Local Elections (VIDEO)

You know that part in our constitution about defending America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s starting to be very clear who those people are.

There’s no way that anyone with a functioning brain can defend non American citizens rights to vote in elections in the United States of America.

The bill, “Our City, Our Vote Bill,” was passed last year by the New York City Council and became law today.

The bill will allow an estimated 800,000 visa and green card holders to vote in city elections.

Adams of course backed the bill during an interview with CNN host Jack Tapper.

Initially, Adams questioned the bill because it gave the right to vote for non-citizens who lived in the city for only 30 days.

But Adams backed off that concern.

We’re supposed to be open as journalists, but we’re going to just be brutally honest here. If you’re okay with this, you are a Communist and a Moron.

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