Robin Bullock’s URGENT Warning For President Trump and His Safety!

Robin Bullock just went on Elijah Streams and he released the most urgent message I have ever seen him give.

And thank you to everyone who emailed me this link…I appreciate you so much!

Now I am bringing it to everyone else who hasn’t seen it yet.

In this clip, Robin Bullock says there is an urgent and imminent threat on President Trump’s life.

He says what they have planned to do to him is very ugly and very real.

Robin sometimes receives visions from God, sometimes dreams, but in this particular case he says he was literally granted access in the spirit to HEAR the conversations of these evil people.

He heard it word for word.

God granted him that access.

Wild, right?

And Robin appears visibly shaken in this video as he delivers the message.

Robin also confirmed that there are MANY around President Trump who do not have his best interest at heart and are actually saboteurs…opportunists looking only for their own fame and spotlight.

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I have a few ideas (Jared, Ivanka, perhaps?)

So sad.

Watch the short message right here courtesy of Elijah Clips:


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