Trump Goes To Arbys…

I am dying laughing as I write this article.

CaptainDeplorable nailed it again in a new bit called “Trump Goes To Arbys” and I know it’s New Years Eve right now but it is too good to not share this with you.

I hope it makes you laugh as much as I did….

And besides, what’s not to love?

This combines two of my favorite things: President Trump and Arbys.

Man, I could really go for a Large Roast Beef and Curly Fry right now and some honey mustard sauce!

Anyone with me?

Ok, enough of that.

Please enjoy this absolute perfection:

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TRUMP GOES TO ARBY’S! #Trump #MAGA #Arbys #fyp #funny #food #DriveThru #STAYLOUD #LOUDMAJORITY #USA #AmericaFirst

♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

And in case TikTok deletes that (which they often do), I have a backup.

Watch right here on Rumble:

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