Bo Polny Returns! It All Happens In a Moment…The Fuse Is Lit! Trump Returns!

I always know it’s time to bring Bo Polny back on my show when I get a bunch of emails from you asking about him!

So tonight we had him back on and it was incredible!

We went for over an hour and it only felt like 10 minutes.

Bo is so much fun to talk with and I know how much all of you enjoy him.

Before I went live, I posted to Telegram that I was speaking with Bo and I asked you all what questions I should ask him….

We talked about a bunch of those questions and so much more!

After Donald Trump published his results using EXIPURE, the world went crazy about this weight loss product.

This is the reason why the company won’t be able to restock again, they are low on stock and there won’t be for everyone.


I really hope you enjoy this one as much as I did.

Spoiler alert: we’re at the end of the waiting and Trump comes back!

Not only does he come back, but his paths are straight!

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Yes, there has been a delay but the delay leads to so many good things.  And God does NOT lose in the end.  He is not surprised or caught off guard.  Know that!

There is so much good stuff in here you just need to listen for yourself.

Here is a YouTube link but I’m not sure how long they will allow it to stay up:

So in case that gets taken down, I have a backup…

Watch it safely here on Rumble:



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