Canadian Citizens Appear To Be Engaging In A Classic Bank Run

We recently reported that many of Canada’s major banks were offline or suffering mysterious outages.

As reports of increased civil unrest continue to come out of Canada we are beginning to see the classic signs of national and government collapse…

According to the latest reports, Canadian citizens appear to be pulling out their funds from the custodial control of banks in record numbers.

Sources claim that this is in direct response to Trudeau’s emergency measures and it isn’t very difficult to see why.

Any government freezing assets and funds without a court order is a massive blow to individual liberty and property rights—with this being the norm now in Canada can we continue to call them a free and democratic country?

People the world over took to Twitter to denounce the actions of Trudeau and his regime, but will this be enough to stem the tide and avoid a potential financial collapse in Canada?

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Here’s what people are saying:

According to Bein Crypto:

People withdrawing huge amounts of money said they were avoiding a possible government measure announced in recent days by Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada.

The money move was noticed by James Melville, an economic journalist from the United Kingdom. On his Twitter feed, he posted a graph showing the massive flow of money that has been withdrawn from Canadian banks.

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ProCoin News featured more infringement of property rights by the Canadian regime:

Authorities in Canada have officially ordered several financial firms to stop any transactions involving 34 crypto wallets that have been connected to funding the freedom convoy.

The Ontario Police Department along with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada has been investigating all transactions towards the Freedom Convoy.

Source: Conservative Nation

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