Does John Durham Exist? The Story Continues To Unfold As President Trump Comments!

This is part of my ongoing investigation into whether John Durham is a real person and actually exists.

This is the latest in the investigation…

For a couple months now, I have been reporting on John Durham….or rather, the total absence of John Durham.

As in: “Does he even exist?  Is he even a real person?”

Here’s the quick summary….

I’ve was writing an article about John Durham and his missing “Durham Report”.

I wanted to include a picture of the man that no one had used before because I kept seeing the same 4-5 pictures used for every article about John Durham.

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As I went to search, I noticed something VERY odd.

Those same 4-5 pictures are ALL that exists of the man anywhere on the Internet.

Go ahead and try yourself, search around, you will only find the same 4-5 pictures.

Not only that but he’s surrounded by the same people in each photo.

Almost as if they are fake.

So then I thought, ok, let’s find a video of him and I can use a still screenshot from the video for a picture.

Guess what?

No video exists.

I’m talking no video of any kind, talking about any topic, from any year.

The man who allegedly has had a 30 year public career as a high profile prosecutor, the man who allegedly “took down” Whitey Bulger, has exactly ZERO videos of him on the Internet.

Anyone find that odd?

Me too.

I then challenged the 10 million readers per month of this site to find me any video of John Durham.

It took about 2 weeks but eventually one lady did fine about a 1-2 second clip of him walking for a brief instant.

So I have to credit that one video does exist.

But nothing else.

Weird, right?

So then I started asking….does this man even exist?

What if the whole thing was just a big fake?

A charade?

After I had been covering the story for a couple months, none other than President Trump himself started asking the same question.

Does President Trump read “USADRAMALERT“?

He just might!

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Take a look:

Is he a living, breathing human being?

ingo, sir!

That is the million-dollar question and all signs are currently pointing to “no”.

What a bizarre story!

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What is going on here?

A big con job by Bill Barr?

Maybe a white hat operation to appoint a special prosecutor with a fake name to protect the guy doing the real investigation?

That would be interesting.

We don’t know for sure right now but we do know one thing:  I started sounding the alarm 3 weeks ago with my reporting and now President Trump has got my back!

Source: Conservative Nation

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