HUGE NEWS: Actor Drops Out of Major Awards Show Over Vaccination Requirement

The so-called Freedom Convoy continues to disrupt commerce along the Canadian border.

Emergency personnel across the United States are choosing to lose their jobs rather than submit to COVID-19 mandates.

It seems clear that plenty of freedom-loving individuals are fed up with the government telling them what to do.

As it turns out, even some celebrities are willing to stand up to the supposed experts in government and bureaucracy.

One notable example comes in the form of an unvaccinated actor confirming that he will not attend an upcoming awards ceremony.

According to Variety:

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“Yellowstone” actor Forrie J. Smith will not attend the upcoming Screen Actors Guild Awards due to rules requiring all attendees to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

The “Yellowstone” cast is nominated in the top category of ensemble in a television drama alongside “Succession,” “Squid Game,” “The Morning Show” and “The Handmaid’s Tale.” The nomination marked “Yellowstone’s” first major bit of awards attention after four seasons on air. Smith posted a video on Instagram saying he is against vaccinations and thus won’t be at the SAG Awards later this month.

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“I want to apologize to y’all for not being at the Screen Actors Guild Awards,” Smith told his Instagram followers. “I mean no offense to anyone. I’m not vaccinated, and it’s a requirement to be vaccinated.”

Of course, he is not the only high-profile figure who has expressed outrage over the wide-ranging mandates being enacted by public and private entities.


Despite far-reaching support for the truckers involved in the convoy along major U.S.-Canada trading routes, liberal officials are determined to bring the protest to a halt.

The scene recently grew particularly dire in Ottawa.

NPR provided some details:

Authorities in yellow “police liaison” vests went from rig to rig, knocking on the doors and handing truckers leaflets informing them they could be prosecuted, lose their licenses and see their vehicles seized under Canada’s Emergencies Act. Police also began ticketing vehicles.

One protester shouted, “I will never go home!” Some threw the warning into a toilet put out on the street. Protesters sat in their trucks and honked their horns in a chorus that echoed loudly downtown.

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There was no immediate word from police on when or if they might move in to clear the hundreds of trucks by force. But protest leaders braced for action on Wednesday.

In the following clip from Fox News, a Canadian trucker shares his disapproval of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s latest measures.

Do you oppose vaccine mandates imposed by the government or private businesses?

Source: Conservative Nation

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