New Song “God Over Government” Is Going Viral [WATCH/LISTEN HERE]

A new song from guys named “Hi-Rez” and “Jimmy Levy” has just been released and it’s going viral.

And for good reason.

The music and the beat is awesome but the lyrics are what really make it special.

You know what else I love?

Even though it’s rap music, it seems to be bringing everyone together.

Check out these comments and this 74 year old man who is loving it:

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Now please enjoy and if you love it please continue to share it around.

I don’t personally know these guys but I love what they are doing!

Don’t you love how people all over the world are uniting around things like rap music and truckers?

Funny, isn’t it?

We are all uniting together because we all want the same thing: FREEDOM!

And we all stand against tyranny and against the far-left and their evil mandates and evil Great Reset.

Please enjoy:

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Source: Conservative Nation

Trending: TRUMP WON!


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