Why Hasn’t Biden Fired Durham?

I had a thought today that I wanted to pass along to you…

It’s fairly simple but has WIDE reaching implications.

It’s simply this:  Why hasn’t Biden fired Durham yet?

Simple question, many possibilities.

Option 1 – Biden is not truly President and has no power.

Option 2 – Durham does not exist!

I’ve been reporting on Option 2 for over a year now and it is looking more and more likely that he does NOT exist with each passing day…

Why do I say that?

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Because if Option 1 is incorrect and Biden truly is President, then you have to believe he would have fired Durham.

There’s not logical reason for him not to.

And yet, Durham continues completely unimpeded.

My theory is the work being done by Durham is indeed being done….but not by some guy named “John Durham.”

It’s either being done by someone else who no one knows who it is, or by a team of people.

Either way, I think “John Durham” is simply a stage name….a “nome de plume”.

Think about it…

If he were real and he were just one guy, do you really think he could conduct the biggest investigation into corruption this country or perhaps the world has ever seen?

One man, subject to threats, intimidation, bribery, coercion, attacks on his family….the list goes on and on.

In exactly the same way we’ve seen so many conservative members of our Supreme Court become corrupted, the same would absolutely have happened to Durham.

If.  He.  Existed.

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And yet the man seemingly cannot be found, is rarely if ever photographed (the three photos we have look very fake), NEVER caught on video, and seems to be just a vapor in the wind.

The theory is gaining credibility by the day.

And this week President Trump himself set the internet on fire with a message possibly confirming EXACTLY what I’ve been telling you.

Here’s the scoop…

Yesterday, we brought you the bombshell report that John Durham appears to have confirmed that Hillary Clinton and/or her allies spied on Trump.

Both the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency.

And in case that doesn’t send fireworks off in your head, allow me to connect the dots: that is TREASON of the most-high order.

President Trump himself issued a statement:

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Source: Conservative Nation

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