Robin Bullock Explains Why Trump HAD To Go!

We all know the hatred towards Trump is off the charts.

Even illogical.

But have you ever stopped to ask the question, “what’s really going on here?”

I have.

The absolute hatred for this man by everyone on the far-left goes beyond politics and disagreements, don’t you think?

It’s a venomous hatred debased from reality.

They’ve even done interviews where they ask people what it is they specifically don’t like about Trump and they can’t really even explain it, they just “hate” him.

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This is spiritual folks, and Robin Bullock just gave the answer on his Eleventh Hour broadcast.

Bullock explains that the occultists and the “elites” had a plan they had been working on for a LONG time.

A plan to usher in end times.

A plan to utterly destroy America.

Hillary was never supposed to lose.

She was supposed to just walk right in on 2016 and when Trump surprised the world and won, it threw ALL of their plans off.

And what you have seen ever since is quite literally demonic reactions from the pit of Hell lashing out at their plans being destroyed.

Robin even shows pictures of eyes that turn into reptilians eyes and voices that suddenly start sounding like slithering demons when humans are speaking.

This is so far beyond a Republican/Democrat split or even Conservative/Liberal.

This is spiritual..

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Listen as Robin brilliantly breaks it all down:

Source: Conservative Nation

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