Tucker Confirms LIVE On FoxNews: U.S. Biolabs In Ukraine Are REAL!

It’s now confirmed folks!

Mark this down as another “wild conspiracy theory” by “crazy right wingers”….that just came true.

Seems to be happening again and again.

Even Tucker Carlson admitted on air that two days ago they thought this story was crazy and wouldn’t run it.

But now?

Now it’s been admitted by the U.S. Government so you kind of have to run it.

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We’ve been all over the story for over a week.

We wrote this:

Trending: TRUMP WON!

And this:

And today Tucker Carlson confirmed we were dead on.

Watch it right here on Rumble:

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And if you want to know more about what’s happening in Russia and Ukraine, and who you can trust….read what I wrote two weeks ago right here.

It is turning out to be absolutely prophetic, if you can use that word.

Simply dead on:

Source: Conservative Nation

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