“You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy About It” — Here’s How They Plan To Pull It Off…

I’m sure you’ve heard of Klaus Schwab.

I bet you’ve probably also heard his infamous quote: “In the future, you’ll own NOTHING — and you’ll be happy about it.”

Charming fellow.

Charming quote.

Unless, you know….you value individualism, freedom and property ownership.

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So, have you wondered how the elites plan to take ownership of all natural resources and leave you nothing by 2030?  I have.

Publicly traded natural asset companies are going to be one of the ways these bad boys and girls get it done.

This may sound like Wall Street wizadry, but stick with this story and you’ll see the pieces come together.

A natural asset company, or NAC, is a recently created listing vehicle on the New York Stock Exchange.  The NYSE  and Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) jointly announced its creation in September 2021.

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Once the SEC grants approval this year, soil and water will literally be assets at stake for Wall Street trading activity.

It’s essentially a new asset class for Wall Street to own and dominate nature or what elites call “nature’s economy”.  Of course, NAC creators don’t put it that way.

NYSE COO Michael Blaugrund is more colorful about it,

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There haven’t historically been mechanisms to encourage the capital formation necessary to preserve and restore the natural assets that ultimately underpin the ability for there to be life on Earth.

Doesn’t that sound nice?   It almost sounds philanthropic.

In a press release, IEG’s CEO added:

This new asset class on the NYSE will create a virtuous cycle of investment in nature that will help finance sustainable development for communities, companies, and countries.

Do you believe these guys?  NACs are going to save the planet and create a more equitable and sustainable economy.  Sure they are.

Silver-tongued deceivers.

What these men are really saying is Wall Street has not been able to pool money at a massive scale for land and water grabs until now.  It’s hard to gobble up land acre by acre as an oligarch. With NACs, they’ll have trillion dollar funds and asset managers on Wall Street do the work.

NACs also mean elites are no longer satisfied controlling a few natural resources indirectly through non-profits or their foundations.

They want it all.

Nature’s economy has an estimated value of $4 quadrillion (that’s 4,000 trillions).   The elites can’t let us peasants have any share of it.

Here’s a powerful infograph from the Alliance for Natural Health that shows how much Wall Street and its backers intend to exploit from nature:

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Under the guise of sustainable investment, NAC’s will allow the wealthiest .01% of the planet to dominate our nation’s natural resources.

Think about it.  Wall Street will now have a tool to deploy the most powerful money in the world (i.e. institutional investors, multinational corporations, Mr. Davos, etc.) in a heist for resources that support life on earth.

Does it bother you that Bill Gates, for example, owns 242,000 acres of American farmland in 19 states?  Why is the tech oligarch buying that much soil.

Say he decides to put fertile farm ground into “conservation” to save prairie pocket gophers.  He’ll get a tax subsidy (your dollars), make money selling carbon credits, and our food supply will take a hit.  By himself, he may not be an immediate threat to your food supply.  But he’s just a fraction of the threat NACs will present to our nation’s ability to produce and grow food here.

And the guys and gals running the NACs will not be concerned about your food supply.

It’s not just private land they’re after.  They’ll take an interest in public lands and waterways, too.

The Rockefeller Foundation has their hand in the IEG (one of the NAC originators).  Here’s what the Foundation has to say about it:

IEG is currently advising a number of sovereign nations, private landowners, and public companies on the potential creation of NACs. IEG and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are working with the Government of Costa Rica to lay the foundation for NACs that would preserve and grow natural assets throughout the country. In the private sector, IEG anticipates announcing its first partnership later this fall in collaboration with a multinational corporation.

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There you have it.  Multinational corporations, sovereign nations (public lands), private lands,  big money, and international banks (debt entrapment), are all in the mix already.

According to Forbes, BlackRock’s CEO, Larry Fink, has been enthralled with NACs.  With $9.5 trillion under its management, think of the good Black Rock is going to be able to do for nature.

It’s purely coincidental that NACs originated the same year Biden signed an executive order pledging to put America on track to “protect” 30% of its land and water by 2030.  If you do the math, that’s 729 million acres.  You see, Biden has brought America into a planned new global nature pact.

As noted by Reuters,

A coalition of about 70 countries – including G7 wealthy governments – have already promised to conserve at least 30% of their land and oceans by 2030, a pledge known as 30×30, to help curb climate change and the loss of plant and animal species.

30X30 plan.  Like I said. Schemers never run out of schemes.

Some conservationist see it for what it is, however.  Over 230 organizations and experts have signed a letter expressing concerns that the plan will lead to even more suffering in the poorest regions of the planet.

Survival International, a nonprofit that looks after tribal peoples, has labelled it #BigGreenLie.

Fiore Longo, head of Survival’s conservation campaign, said today: “The plan to carve out 30% of the earth as ‘protected areas’ is a #BigGreenLie. It is a plan without scientific basis, that will do nothing to combat climate change or the loss of biodiversity, but will increase human suffering and the destruction of nature. It is a deadly distraction from what is urgently needed to secure human diversity and all biodiversity: the recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights to their land.

If you see 30X30 and NACs for what they really are you will see they are setting the stage for the largest land grab in human history.   The elites that profited from polluting our air, seed, water, and soil are the same ones positioning to now own all of those resources under the ruse of saving the planet they poisoned.

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The irony of 30X30 is not lost on tribal people.  Here’s a 3 minute video poem in support of #BigGreenLie:

Tensions over land ownership and management will run even higher in the coming years.  If the elites get their way, you will lose access to 30% of the planet’s resources under the 30X30 plan.  And oligarchs and NACs will own the other 70%.

Somehow the brains at the World Economic Forum know you will magically be happy about this arrangement.

Hold on to your dirt.



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