Durham Investigation: Who Are The Sources Behind ‘CROWN Reporting’?

With every day that goes by, the F.B.I looks worse and worse.

A recently revealed handwritten note from the agency cites ‘CROWN reporting’ as responsible for the information presented by Christopher Steele to the F.B.I.

Three possibilities exist for who could be behind ‘Crown reporting’…

The first is Steele himself, the second would be MI6, a British intelligence agency, and the last option would be a private network of sources working under or in collaboration with Christopher Steele…

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The claims brought forth by Steele, who had previously worked as an MI6 agent, would have likely fallen short of obtaining permission for a FISA warrant to spy on Carter Page if information relating to his sources was transparent…

While we are on the subject, why are British spies and ex-British spies working closely with agencies within our own government to discredit anybody, let alone a sitting U.S. President?

The handwritten note reads:


The Federalist explains:

The phrase “CROWN Reporting” appeared multiple times in one set of handwritten notes taken during McCabe, Priestap, and Strzok’s March 6, 2017, FBI briefing of the DOJ and Acting Attorney General Boente.

Next to “CROWN Reporting,” the notes referenced “convention,” Crimea” and “NATO” and “soften stance for exchange of Russian energy stocks.” These notations fell under the header of points related to Manafort.


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TK News writes:

There is too much to fully detail here, but further revelations – and they are forthcoming – will make these moves even more damning.

How Cambridge Four members and Carter Page came together is a comedy of errors rivaling Dumb and Dumber.

An FBI source had information that should have stopped Carter Page’s invasive surveillance in August 2016 before it started. A covert anti-Trump operative sought to be appointed to one of the world’s most powerful positions that could be used to undermine the president.

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