The Divisive Reason the White House Was Lit Orange on Friday

For those that may not have the White House’s Twitter notifications enabled on their phones, you might have missed the fact that it was illuminated orange all Friday evening. The reason is equal parts cringy and divisive.

No, it wasn’t lit because the Easter bunny threatened Joe to declare that Halloween is now twice a year.




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And no, it wasn’t meant to bring awareness to the often overlooked orange stripe in the LGBTQ flag either.

No, as it turns out, the White House was lit orange in honor of Gun Violence Awareness.

It seems Joe wanted to remind Americans of his weak-wristed televised address regarding gun violence in America just a few days ago.

Not only was it a snooze fest but it declared the Left’s desire to strip Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights. If you missed it, here’s a clip of Hannity talking about it.

The video heading that reads “impeachable” may seem heavy handed but YouTube the entire speech and you will see that it may actually be fitting.

Of course the Left came out and threw roses on the ground in honor of this brave move by Joe and Kamala to wash the White House in orange light. I mean, could you think of anything more heroic or courageous to do?

While the Left were fawning over themselves and their performative nonsense, others were more inclined to state the obvious. Bathing the WH in orange light is not brave or bold, it’s ridiculous. Love the sarcasm in this tweet.

It’s painful cause it’s true. Also on hand were the multitude of others that took the moment to troll blue haired liberals in hilarious fashion.

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You have to love the Left, they are so enamored by their own pageantry while most of America could care less. Not only that, they know it for the lie it is.

What makes this move by the White House extremely divisive is that they are doing it during a time when tensions regarding guns are at fever pitch. Worse, they are leveraging a symbol that is meant to represent the entire nation, all Americans, to undermine the very Constitution it was intended to defend.

The truth is that the 2nd Amendment is a fundamental right. The types of gun laws Biden is demanding are not representative of the majority of Americans. Much like his other decisions, Joe’s move to make the WH a symbol of his agenda is one that agitates and threatens to further divide the country rather than bring it together.

Add this as another example of Biden’s stellar track record of leadership.


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