BREAKING: SWAT Team Storm Steve Bannon’s Home

The attacks against anyone affiliated with President Trump continue…

Host of War Room Steve Bannon was in the middle of a live broadcast when a swat team suddenly ran through his home.

According to reports, an anonymous person called the police claiming someone inside Bannon’s home was armed and shot someone.

When police arrived no such thing was happening and it was concluded the call was a false report.

Last month popular podcaster Tim Pool wasalso swatted due to the fact an angry liberal made a false police report.

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The Post Millennial broke the story:

Armed police responded to a false report of a shooting and flooded former White House Chief Strategist Stephen K. Bannon’s Capital Hill row house Friday morning around 10:45am.

The Washington Post reports that police shut down streets near the Supreme Court and the Capitol Building for about one hour.

The Post reported that police initially said they had encountered a person who was claiming to be armed, and who appeared to be suffering from a mental health crisis. No weapon was found an no injuries were reported in that incident.

A DC police spokeswoman later said someone had called a crisis hotline and reported that a man inside Bannon’s row house in the area of the 200 block of A Street NE was armed and had shot someone.

The Daily Beast added these details:

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