‘Hey Pal, It’s Dad’: Joe Biden’s Voicemail To Hunter Proves He Spoke About Chinese Business Deals, “He Lied About…”

Then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden attend a basketball game in Washington in 2010. Joe Biden frequently dealt with the Ukrainian government and pressed the government to deal with corruption issues. At the same time, Hunter Biden was on the board of a leading gas company in Ukraine. President Trump and some of his supporters have called for an investigation. Nick Wass/AP

President Joe Biden did call his son, Hunter Biden, in late 2018. He called to talk about a New York Times article that detailed Hunter’s dealings with a Chinese oil tycoon, who had been accused of economic crimes.

The voicemail, discovered on a cellphone backup contained on Hunter Biden’s infamous discarded laptop, would appear to contradict President Biden’s continued denial that he ever talked with his disgraced 52-year-old son about his overseas business transactions–and was aware they could be improper.

“Hey pal, it’s Dad,” Joe Biden said, The Daily Mail reported. “It’s 8:15 on Wednesday night. If you get the chance, just give me a call. Nothing urgent. I just wanted to talk to you.”

Biden then made his intentions clear.

“I thought the article released online, it’s going to be printed tomorrow in the Times, was good,” Biden continued. “I think you’re clear. And anyway if you get a chance, give me a call, I love you.”

During a campaign appearance in Iowa in September 2019, Joe Biden said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.” His former press secretary, Jen Psaki, and his chief of staff, Ron Klein, have both repeatedly echoed that sentiment.

Many are calling for a probe into Biden’s knowledge and dealings with his son’s overseas dealings.

Representative Elise Stefanik (R-NY) told The Post, “Joe Biden said he ‘never poke’ with Hunter about his business dealings. That is simply not true. We need to know what Joe Biden knew and when he knew it.”

She continued, “This voicemail is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the evidence mounting against the Biden Crime Family. When Republicans take back Congress, we will use our congressional power of oversight to uncover the truth for every American as a matter of national security.”

Biden left the voicemail to Hunter following a New York Times report, which detailed Hunter’s dealings with Ye Jianming. Jianming, a rising Chinese oil tycoon, headed the CEFC China Energy Company in 2016 before he was arrested two years later for alleged economic crimes.

Joe’s voicemail to Hunter about the Times article is the latest in an overwhelming body of evidence suggesting that he lied about not talking to foreign business with his son.

In another example, the then-vice president attended a Washington D.C. dinner with Hunter’s Ukrainian, Kazakh, and Russian business associates in 2015.

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Hunter told one of his guests in an email that the dinner was ‘ostensibly to discuss food security,’ but was an opportunity to introduce his potential clients and partners to his powerful father.

The White House at first denied Joe’s attendance, then when photographs emerged of Joe there, it claimed it was only a brief stop by.

Joe also met another of Hunter’s Chinese business partners, Jonathan Li, when he took his son on a 2013 Air Force 2 trip to China, and entertained Hunter’s Mexican billionaire business partners Carlos Slim and Miguel Aleman Velasco at the White House and the VP’s official residence.

Emails on Hunter’s abandoned laptop published by DailyMail.com show that Hunter and Joe shared a bank account and paid each other’s bills, while Hunter’s business partner Eric Scherwin did Joe’s taxes.


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